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BRAND or SERVICE: A service driven company.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Greyt Era Interactive is primarily a service driven company with art management consultancy, general art and directing, concept visualization management, visual design, print, film and photography which is regarded as media productions, creative and content writing as well as creativity-portfolio management as an
integral part of its business infrastructure, with an interactive view on general merchandise.

AS A BRAND: Greyt Era renews your independence.
PAYOFF/TAGLINE: Express yours Greytly.

AS AN AGENCY: Greyt Era is an art management consultancy and service agency, while creating the general art and directing experience.

OBJECTIVES AND ISSUES: One of our key strategic objectives at Greyt Era interactive agency is to create an era where interactivities in art management, media, and marketing provides solutions and success to individuals and the public. In addition, we also provide self-expressible era of success and status as part of a lifestyle segmentation.
At Greyt Era, we provide advice that help individuals, as well as group of people experience the lifestyle of hopes.

PRODUCT-ORIENTED DEFINITION: We provide art management consultancy and service agency, as well as general merchandise.

MARKET-ORIENTED DEFINITION: We create the general art and directing experience, one that meets creative expectations and expressions.

COMPANY VISION: “To be the only interactive company synonymous with prompt customer satisfaction.”

COMPANY MISSION: “Our aim is to provide services promoting only the best results at all times.”

COMPANY STRATEGY: For the records, people who usually don't spend time on a website, spend a record amount of time on archives and interactions between articles, visual design, print, videos plus pictures. Greyt Era is an interactive project created for the purpose of real space storytelling, multi-dimensional showing, feeling-meets-touching and creative selling, experientially this is one of my latest addictions. Greyt Era is what holds the potential to be the next wave of interactivities between people and machine.

COMPANY HISTORY: Certainly, this is just the beginning of a Greyt Era, starting from Now. When Greyt Era was just an idea few years ago I thought of how to maximize real space and cyberspace, but fast-forward to the present day, Greyt Era is established to service agency and lead as art management consultancy business providing a usually specified service with a view on merchandizing (the interaction of supply & demand). The progress and “current trend” illustrate a continuous transfer of information in both directions between man and machine (interactive media). Greyt Era interactive is an art management consultancy center that has been in existence within a short time frame. Yet, it is presently in its formative stage as a service agency, which deals generally with interactivities in Art, Media, Management, Marketing, etc. Due to the flexible era of creative consciousness our staffs are freelance and sometimes viewed as partners. Over the last few months/years, Greyt Era interactive has been in the business of telling and selling, conceptualization among others. Without any doubt a Greyt Era beckons.
WORK HISTORY AND PARTNERSHIPS: It's my real pleasure to welcome your interest to Greyt Era interactive and introduce our services to you. We have worked independently of partnerships but have done business directly with clients. As a creative intelligence agency, our interactivities are very large; much bigger than average in size, extent or quantities, and it starts from this Greyt Era.